Mallorca Medizin
Urlaub mit Gesundheit verbinden.

combine holidays with health

We work with an internist in private practice, which covers the entire field of internal medicine.

Focus but clearly the gastroenterology and cardiology / angiology, in this context, we also offer extensive check-up programs, in which the patient within 1 day, at endoscopies 2 days a complete examination by any ultrasounds, X-ray and extensive laboratory tests obtained.

Of course, stands at the end of a medical consultation, are discussed in the possible treatment options.

Of course, patients also come with specific complaints or to individual studies, they then receive a particular investigation, they are cared for during and after therapy, or initiate a treatment and can be addressed in the future at any time or cooperating with the primary care physicians. 

As the only practice in Mallorca, the video capsule endoscopy an investigation is offered there, in which the patient swallows a video capsule, which makes up to 100,000 pictures on their way through the gastrointestinal tract, which are projected to a recorder that the patient wears on a belt , Thereby the patient avoids the often annoying for him study with the stomach or intestinal tube and the necessary anesthesia or general anesthesia. 

Plastic, Ästhestische- and Reconstructive Surgery.

General, Visceral and bariatric surgery

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